At Deca Realty, our rental property returns thrive on consistent, quality occupancy. Fully-leased property provides a solid income stream. But without the right tenants, profit earned through rental property could be lost. Damaged property, late and unpaid rent, or evictions can usually be avoided through screening for quality applicants.

Our Deca team has extensive experience screening tenants in the St. Louis Area and beyond. We screen carefully for quality occupancy. And quality occupancy equals better profits for property owners. When you choose Deca Realty as your property management company, you get the very best tenant screening as part of your comprehensive management services. Our quality management allows you to relax and enjoy the returns on your property investment.

Why You Need A Property Management Company

You invest in property to make money, not because you enjoy midnight repairs or processing applications. When you choose Deca Realty for property management in St. Louis, you get comprehensive support that anticipates and manages all your property and tenant needs.

The Very Best Management Services

Not only can we provide quality tenant screening in the St. Louis area; we can also help with accounting, lease preparation, maintenance, emergency repairs, and tenant eviction. So much goes into managing rental property and quality occupancy.

Don’t let your property management become a stressful part of your life. Let Deca Realty do the work for you. We’re happy to provide comprehensive support in all of the other areas related to management of your property.

Deca Realty As Your Property Manager

There’s nothing quite like having a trusted advisor on your side. At Deca Realty, we offer our experience and knowledge of the St. Louis area real estate market as a trusted and valuable resource to our property managers. We manage all the accounting, leasing, tenant evictions and emergency maintenance issues quickly, dependably and affordably.

Learn more about our property management services today.