About Deca Realty

Deca Property Management Company was established in 1990 with the goal of providing high quality property management services in and around the St. Louis area. The family owned company saw a niche in the market and set out to be a different kind of company, one that put the needs of its owners and tenants first.

In 1995 we changed our name to Deca Realty Company to reflect the fact that we not only offer high quality property management services, but also a full service brokerage operation. In other words, we represent buyers and sellers of residential and commercial property.

Today, Deca Realty manages over 1400 units of residential and commercial real estate. In addition, we have numerous homeowners and condominium associations under contract. We also have represented hundreds of people with selling and buying their homes and commercial buildings.

What has not changed over the years is Deca’s goal to be different, to be better. We hold ourselves apart from our competition by customizing our services to the property owners own individual needs and by providing excellent customer service.  We are still a family centered company that has created a company culture that aims to treat all people fairly and honestly.  We are committed to providing the highest level of professional service possible and expect all of our agents and staff to be knowledgeable, involved in the community we serve, and committed to our clients. All team members at Deca are expected to do things the Deca way, which is to “do the right thing in the right way, for the right reason, every time”.

We are committed to the following Code of Ethics